Fall is a close second…

to spring.  What a perfectly perfect fall day we had today.  A little bit of housework, a little bit of relaxing and a lot of sunshine.  We got PUMPKINS, Charlotte’s first!  A muddy, sunny hayride and pumpkin ice cream which was delicious!!  G was a sweetie today, one of those days that makes me want more kids. Ha.  Tomorrow will probably convince me that 2 is peachy!  I play that debate over, and over, and OVER in my head.  That’s a discussion for another day…  I disgress…

Funny moment for today – G: Mommy, have you been using that “squirter thing” (swiffer wet jet)  M: (laughing) Why, G?  G: Because I thought I smelled it?  M: Why, yes, G, yes I have.  (laughing manically thinking that I am totally and completely corrupting my child)  HOW DO THEY KNOW/REMEMBER THESE THINGS???


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