Fall is a close second…

to spring.  What a perfectly perfect fall day we had today.  A little bit of housework, a little bit of relaxing and a lot of sunshine.  We got PUMPKINS, Charlotte’s first!  A muddy, sunny hayride and pumpkin ice cream which was delicious!!  G was a sweetie today, one of those days that makes me want more kids. Ha.  Tomorrow will probably convince me that 2 is peachy!  I play that debate over, and over, and OVER in my head.  That’s a discussion for another day…  I disgress…

Funny moment for today – G: Mommy, have you been using that “squirter thing” (swiffer wet jet)  M: (laughing) Why, G?  G: Because I thought I smelled it?  M: Why, yes, G, yes I have.  (laughing manically thinking that I am totally and completely corrupting my child)  HOW DO THEY KNOW/REMEMBER THESE THINGS???



I thought G was a big baby. He had rolls that grew rolls.  We loved them, took careful care to clean deep within their crevices…they were DEEP.  C…if it is possible…is bigger.  MUCH bigger.  At nearly 12 weeks she is pushing 16 – SIXTEEN – pounds.  Wow.  G was only 14lbs 10oz at 16 weeks.  This amuses me to no end.  My silly little mind thought when I was pregnant that I’d have this petite, sweet little girls. Well, my sweet little girl is ready for 6-12 months clothes and she isn’t even three months old.  Ha.

This day…

  • giddy glee of a water logged 3 year old
  • our sweet baby girl being loved on by neighbors
  • neighbors who care and comfort
  • a sleeping C on my chest, wishing for just a moment that I could freeze time
  • a job offer!

Parenting lesson #542,991

Toddler + cell phone = deleted address book, new wallpaper, complete reset.

One week down…

…many more to go. I have been home with G for one week. It has been fantastic. A chaotic week for sure, I hope it calms down, but it was still jam packed with fun, sweet times.

The one thing I didn’t anticipate was the noticeably less “me” time. I always appreciated and loved my morning drives…nice dress clothes, warm yummy coffee, my music or quiet time if I so pleased. Checking my email was a luxury too, I now realize! I need to work on this so that I don’t get burnt out on mommyhood. I am feeling so comfortable, more so than I ever was as a working (outside the home!) woman. I feel like this was meant to be.


Occasionally we all get a stark reminder that life can change in an instant. Every time it happens it takes my breath away and I spring in to high adrenaline, super stress mode.

We lost our daycare this week. It’s a sad, icky story that makes us ill to think about. G is fine in every way and what happened is still in the investigation stage but we are not going back. It’s sad for us, G and everyone involved. A week ago my husband and I had really tried to solidify a future that we’ve been hemming and hawing about for MONTHS. Then, a phone call came on Wednesday night.

Today our priorities have been realigned, a future we (I!) only dreamed of is likely right around the corner. The little man and I will be spending lots of time together, less time shopping and more time looking. 🙂 I am nervous, thrilled and anxious all at the same time.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

my hope

My niece has the most amazing memory. Occasionally she’ll come up with something that I can just barely recollect and it blows my mind. Remember, she’ll say, when J was born and you took me to see him and they were selling books in the hospital and you and Uncle N bought me one? Amazing.

My hope for this blog is to put words down to highlight the little things in life that generally escape me all too quickly. I love the little things, they are what make my days complete.